Contact Information
San Juan Mountains Association
Board of Directors

President - Jim Libby
Vice President - Will Reitveld
Secretary - Lois Bartig-Small
Treasurer - Diane Burrell
At Large - Robert Meyer
At Large - Frank Viehmann


(970) 385-1210

(970) 375-2319

P.O. Box 2261
Durango, CO 81302
San Juan Public Lands Center
15 Burnett Court
Durango, CO 81301

Link to Durango Map webpage.

Link to Durango Map pdf.

SJMA staff
Gabi, Mark, Kathe, Susan, Celia, Barbara, Alan and Ruth. (missing Elizabeth, MK & Ann)


E-Mail / Phones

Executive Director/Financial Director: Susan Bryson - 385-1312
Volunteer Program Director: Kathe Hayes - 385-1310
Director of Education and Outreach: Gabi Morey - 385-1256
Education Assistant: MK Thompson - 385-1256
Cultural Program Director: Ruth Lambert PhD - 385-1267

Patti and Alan
Bookstore & Visitor Services:

Book Store /VS Director: Alan Peterson - 385-1258
Dolores: Ann McDonald - 882-6810
Pagosa: Elizabeth Reid - 264-2268
Durango: MK Thompson - 385-1288
Webmaster: Mark Winkworth - 385-1318

SJMA Full Time Staff Bios
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Susan Bryson
Ruth Lambert PhD.
Gabi Morey
Kathe Hayes
MK Thompson
Elizabeth Reid
Patti Brady
Alan Peterson